Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Six Steps to Model Approach

I will be using this question to illustrate my six step approach in solving problem sum.


Aminah and Belinda each has some money. If Aminah spends $8, the ratio od the amount of money Aminah has to the amount of money Belinda has becomes 2:3. If Belinda spends $8, the ratio of the amount of money Aminah has to the amount of money Belinda has will be 11:14. How much money do they have altogether?



Chu Chien said...

Hi, is it alright to post a problem sum for you to solve using bar method?

chihungchan said...

Feel free to post any questions.

Chu Chien said...

The area of Square X : Square Y : Circle Z is 5:2:3

1/6 of square Y is shaded
Find the fraction of figure unshaded (Answer : 22/23)

(I can't seem to paste pictures here - so let me describe.

Square Y is to the bottom inside right of the bigger Square X. Circle Z overlaps Square Y.


chihungchan said...

I posted your question in my blog and hope this answer your question. BTW, I classified this as a P5 question.

Anonymous said...

please help me this problem with model:

the ratio of the amount of money in mr tan's saving account and mrs tan's is 8:5. they share the cost of a tvin the ratio of 6:1. mr tan used up 7/8
of his saving to pay his share of the tv ratio. mrs tan has $920 left after paying her share. what is the cost of the tv?

much thanks!